Neurosurgeon at the Ibn Sina Hospital, Dr. Hamad Jabr Al-Enezi, who performed the surgery on the three-year-old child, who was hit by a stray bullet in Jahra while he was playing with his peers in the compound of his family home allegedly fired by someone from a close by wedding hall, said the condition of the child is stable.

In a statement to Al-Rai Dr Al-Enezi said the child is not yet able to move his right side, pointing out at the same time that the chance of him being disabled in the future is vague.

Dr Al-Enezi he was informed by Al-Jahra Hospital that an urgent operation needed to be performed on the toddler saying the bullet had lodged at the bottom of the skull.

Dr Al-Enezi said the child suddenly fell on the ground crying and screaming with blood coming out of his head. He had already lost consciousness.

He pointed out after the child was rushed to the hospital X-rays the bullet had settled at the bottom of the skull.

Al-Enezi explained he performed the surgery with the trainee Dr Youssef Abu Sido, a delicate operation on the child, which took about an hour and a half, to stop the bleeding in the head and was able to extract the bullet.

He stated, after the effect of anesthesia gradually became less the three-year-old began to move his left side and open his eyes, but unfortunately it turned out that his right side did not move until now, referring to the fact that the bullet cut off the path of the nerve cells expressing his hope that the child will be able to walk in future, and it is certain that the percentage of his survival is great, but the percentage of his disability is considered vague at the present time.

Al-Enezi explained the bullet was fired from a machine gun and felt sorry for the child who may have to live the rest of his life with a handicap in the event that he does not recover.

He called such celebrations during weddings recklessness behavior and strange phenomenon and stressed on the need for the government to take all measures to stop this uncivilized manner of expressing joy and happiness.

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