Director of the Central Agency for Information Technology, Haya Al-Wadani, stressed that digital transformation is one of the strategic priorities to achieve sustainable development within the comprehensive framework of the New Kuwait Vision 2035, in parallel with government projects aimed at benefiting from digitization processes in all sectors of the country.

Speaking during an event organized by the agency under the title ‘Promising Digital Horizons’ in cooperation with Software AG, one of the world’s leading companies specialized in digital innovation platforms, Al-Wadani indicated that the workshop is the beginning of a journey of research and evaluation for the possibility of cooperation with a number of distinguished partners with cumulative experiences, and pointed to their contribution to the realization of the national initiative to digitize government services, which the Central Agency for Information Technology is responsible for implementing based on an official mandate from the Council of Ministers.

She added that the actual implementation of the initiative to digitize government services involves many challenges that are easy to face by establishing a balanced and accurate establishment of the advanced technological infrastructure capable of providing government services 24 hours a day, which contributes to saving time and effort for all users, pointing out that the efforts of the Central Agency are aimed at building a system Integrated for a proactive digital government and initiative capable of adapting to reality and foreseeing the future by providing flexible, early and highly efficient digital services.

Deputy Director General of the Information Sector in the Central Agency for Information Technology, Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini, stressed that accelerating the mechanisms of digital transformation in the country will positively reflect on enhancing Kuwait’s global position in many indicators, pointing out that the digitization of services requires the achievement of many factors, most notably familiarity with the operational model.

The workshop focused on three main themes:
1 – Seeing the capabilities of the global company to discuss ways to form a strategic partnership
2 – Review of experiences and models of digital transformation in the Arab region
3 – Presenting a comprehensive and reliable mechanism of action that has been successful in many countries of the region.

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