The highest French administrative court ruled “illegitimate” several traditional methods of hunting birds that the government had authorized to use, including nets or cages, considering that these methods are inconsistent with European law.

After the French Association for the Protection of Birds and the “One Voice” organization resorted to it, the court issued a decision according to which it considered that “licenses for traditional hunting for several types of birds (crested grouse, European golden grouse, large fat, blackbird, and ghetto lark) for the 2021-2022 season is illegal” because it “does not comply with the European law for the protection of birds,” reports a local Arabic daily.

The court suspended these permits, two weeks after their issuance by the government in early October 2021, through an emergency procedure that the non-governmental organizations submitted due to “serious doubts about their legality.”

A year later, the court issued its ruling and revoked “government permits allowing hunting (European golden grouse), (European golden grouse), (great fatness), and (blackbird) using nets fixed on the ground or traps, in the Arden region (east of ), and the ghetto lark flew through nets and traps in several regions of Aquitaine and Occitani (southwest) during the 2021-2022 season.

In a statement, the French Bird Protection Association welcomed the court’s decision, which was taken “for the fourth year in a row,” denouncing “medieval practices of hunting wild birds.”

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