If living in a secluded country setting sounds ideal to you, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you to live on one of the remote Irish islands.

The Irish government has unveiled a scheme that involves paying people to move to a group of remote islands in the country.

With the plan going into effect on July 1, people could be paid nearly $90,000 to renovate a home and live on a remote island.

So far, 23 islands are included in the plan, but they are not connected to the mainland by bridges. The initiative is called the Our Living Islands policy, in an effort to boost populations on offshore islands.

The American network “CNN” described life on these islands as “idyllic countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.”

Those who wish to obtain this opportunity will receive a rewarding financial grant to be used in the restoration of the building in which they intend to live, and these funds can only be used in restoration and renovation operations.

A similar scheme already exists on the mainland, and the idea is now being rolled out to the islands to become more populated.

Over the next few years, the scheme aims for better healthcare and education coverage on the targeted islands, according to the Metro website.

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