Today, Tuesday, Kuwait lost Abdul-Jabbar Marafie, one of the heroes of the resistance, after a busy march in the world of wireless, which bore fruit during the Iraqi invasion, reports Al-Rai daily.

The late Marafie contributed to supporting the resistance during the Iraqi invasion by transmitting news and events through secret messages and telegrams from inside Kuwait to the resistance and to the international community during very difficult times.

The deceased Marafie played a prominent role during the invasion through the use of the wireless device. He was quoted as saying during one of the press interviews, “If it weren’t for the wireless the world ​​would not know about what is happening inside Kuwait.” Through the wireless, everyone knew at least what was happening and that was a kind of reassurance to those who had left Kuwait leaving their loved ones behind to join the resistance forces.

The late Marafie was distinguished by valor and heroism, and he was known for his passion for acquiring wireless, imaging, and wireless devices. What encouraged him to take an interest in that hobby was his job, which was in the wireless products company.

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