The Coast Guard patrol boats intercepted a number of Iraqi boats after they crossed into Kuwait’s territorial waters north of Failaka Island.

A local Arabic daily has learned after the marine radar system monitored the movement of the boats Coast Guard patrol and sea pursuit boats were sent to the area to deal with the situation.

The daily added the Coast Guard patrols forced the boats to stop, and after checking the identities of the people on board, it was found that they were Iraqi fishing boats, and after a search the patrolmen did not find any prohibited items, or forbidden fishing tools following which the Coast Guard Command Center was informed of the situation.

The sources added the patrol command asked the patrols to make the Iraqi fishermen to sign a pledge not to repeat the offence (entering the territorial waters again), after making sure that they entered by mistake and that they are fishermen and they have no other intentions.

The Coast Guard administration asked the Kuwaiti navy boats to hand over the Iraqi fishermen and their boats to the Iraqi Navy in Khor Abdullah.

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