The Interior Ministry on Wednesday announced that the Cyber-crime Department arrested an Asian resident on charges of hacking and having affiliations to an international network.

The detention came as part of an international operation, branded “Gold Dust.” The four-year operation, carried out across five continents targeted a cybercrime gang and resulted in arrest of seven suspects believed to be behind global malware crime operations, the Inferior Ministry stated.

The MoI indicated in the statement that it had been tipped off about the suspected hacker by the international police, the INTERPOL.
The 21-year-old suspect is a college student, accused of carrying out ransomware attacks using the GandGrab ransomware, the Ministry added.

Cyber-crime department, cooperating with involved countries, set an exact timing for arresting the seven suspected criminals; all members of the web — which was on November 4.

Following an inspection warrant from Kuwaiti Public Prosecution, several computer devices have been found at the suspect’s residence — with fake emails and private accounts.

“Ransomware has become too large of a threat for any entity or sector to address alone; the magnitude of this challenge urgently demands united global action which INTERPOL which can uniquely facilitate action as a neutral and trusted global partner,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock

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