The Ministry of Interior has developed an integrated, multifaceted plan to combat drugs, which includes strengthening control over the ports to prevent their smuggling and promotion into the country.

Well-informed security sources told a local Arabic daily that this is in addition to simultaneously striking at the very bases of drug trade at home, to protect society from this scourge that has become a major threat to society in recent times.

The sources stated that within the framework of coordination between the various concerned sectors, the Assistant Undersecretary of the State Security Agency and the Acting Criminal Security Undersecretary, Lieutenant-General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf, chaired a meeting a few days ago.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from the Narcotics Control Department, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Evidence, Coast Guard, Ports and Customs, to develop an integrated security plan in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the country to “dry up the sources of drug entry and fight and seize the drugs pushers”, in light of the expansion of the spread of psychotropic substances during the recent past and the entry of new chemicals.

The sources pointed out a firm government approach to combating drugs, as it was stressed during the meeting that protecting Kuwaiti youths including young girls is one of the Ministry’s responsibilities, and therefore the plan must be comprehensive and put into practice as soon as possible, to fight and confront the spread of drugs and their smuggling operations firmly and without any compromise.

The sources pointed out that one of the most important steps that will be implemented is confronting gang members that exploit the weak to bring drugs and psychotropic substances into the country, and distribute them to the promoters.

The sources explained placing this issue at the top of the priorities is due to it being one of the main reasons for murders, kidnappings, quarrels and thefts in the country.

The sources pointed out that during the meeting, Lieutenant-General Al-Nawaf listened to details about the smuggling operations and methods and the introduction of poisons into the country, and the majority of countries from which the drugs arrive, stressing the need to implement the plan in all its aspects, with precision and professionalism, especially since Kuwait has become a target for smuggling and promotion of drugs by gangs.

After extensive discussions that included a presentation of the visions of the concerned authorities, a clear “road map” was drawn up.

According to the sources, it includes executive work mechanisms, in coordination between the security sectors on the one hand, and between the Ministry of Interior and some state ministries on the other hand, to clamp down on drug dealers and confront the promoters and referring them to the competent authority, while finding scientific and practical solutions for drug addicts, to deal with them and then treat them and reintegrate them into society.

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