Indonesian Embassy has held an Indonesian Business Meeting to facilitate a meeting between companies in Kuwait with trusted Indonesian agencies to exchange information and explore the opportunities to recruit Indonesian skilled workers. There are more than 40 Kuwait companies attended, and they were meeting with 14 Indonesia’s Placement Agencies.

This meeting was also attended by the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, the Honorable Mrs Ida Fauziyah and some higher rank officers of the Ministry.

Currently, there are more than 6000 Indonesians working in Kuwait. Most of them are skilled workers in the hospitality, health, and oil sectors.

Based on data from the Kuwait Public Authority of Civil Information, Indonesian worker comprises about 0.2% of total migrant workers in Kuwait. A small number compared to the total population of Indonesia which is more than 275 million people in which more than 65% of them are at the productive age.

Even though the number is relatively small, Indonesian migrant workers are known for their honesty, hospitality, and also helpful.

As we all know, Kuwait has the best economic performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).  Most of its population are expatriates who also contribute to this country. Kuwait needs qualified human resources to continue to improve the wheels of its economy. In this regard, the Embassy has fulfilled the needs of Indonesian skill workers through job orders given by various companies in Kuwait.

The high demand of Indonesian skill workers is our tremendous challenge to improve the capability of the Indonesia’s Placement Agencies in their effort to prepare qualified and trustworthy Indonesian skilled workers.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia express a sincere appreciation to the Government of Kuwait for the implementation of labor and immigration laws that greatly assist our government in providing protection for our citizens.

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