The Kuwait Society for Science, Technology and Innovation has prepared a study on the food security file and it shows that Kuwait’s control over the stock of commodities is reassuring.

A local Arabic daily said the study pointed out that “no country is 100 percent satisfied in terms of food security, and it cannot be. Everyone depends on the other in a hierarchical chain, but countries are seeking to raise the rate of self-sufficiency, especially in basic materials and feed.”

“One of the most important factors that the state can control (and with great ease that brings peace to everyone’s hearts),” the study pointed out that “is to strengthen its strategic stockpile of some agricultural products, and Kuwait has been able to take several measures, perhaps the most prominent of which is allocating agricultural holdings to citizens through which they can carry out agriculture and harvest activities in a number of strategically important products.”

In its study, the society came out with recommendations, including:

1 – Establishing a higher council after the last positive step in establishing a committee for food security.

2 – Studying the availability of the main food commodities of appropriate quality from local production.

3 – Develop a plan to ensure its availability under the scenarios and possibilities of disruption of supply chains.

4 – Internal investment in agricultural, livestock and fish production.

5 – Building logistical capacities in the field of transportation, storage, local food processing and transfer of expertise.

6 – Improving the water management system to support the economy, by expanding the use of treated wastewater.

7 – Amending water reuse standards to be in line with international standards.

8 – Expanding the use of triple-treated (developed) water.

9 – Injecting depleted groundwater and working on rainwater harvesting.

10 – Manufacture of organic and chemical fertilizers necessary to achieve food security.

11 – Finding practical ways to legalize food waste.

The study quoted the United Nations Food Waste Report as saying, “The individual in Kuwait wastes an average of 95 kilograms of food annually, and Kuwaiti families waste 397.7 tons annually.

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