India witnessed the largest inflow of remittances from the UAE with a total of $8,2 billion or around 37 percent of total remittances in the first half of the year.

Latest figures on expatriate remittances by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates reveal that in the first half of 2019, a total of US$22.04 billion was transferred out by the country’s large expatriate population. Over $9 billion of the total was transferred through money exchange companies, while the rest was transferred through banks operating in the country.

Pakistan came in second place with a total remittance of $2.3 billion, followed by the Philippines which received $1.6 billion and Egypt which received remittances of $1.4 billion from the UAE. Other expat populations including British remitted 3.8 percent of total remittances, followed by Bangladeshis (3.7%), Americans (3.3%), Jordanians (2.6%), Swiss (2.2%) and Chinese (1,5%).

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