Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged leaders of developing countries to come together to resolve global issues and redesign global political and financial governance.

The Prime Minister’s Office quoted Modi saying at the two-day virtual Voice of Global South Summit that the world is in a state of crisis and urged the leaders of global south to try to shape the emerging world order. He pointed out to various difficulties that the world witnessed last year including “war, conflict, terrorism and geo-political tensions, rising food, fertilizer and fuel prices climate-change driven natural disasters, and economic impact of the COVID pandemic.”

Modi added that three fourths of humanity lives in the global south and hence should have equivalent voice. “Most of the global challenges have not been created by the Global South. But they affect us more. We have seen this in the impacts of COVID pandemic, climate change, terrorism and even the Ukraine conflict. The search for solutions also does not factor in our role or our voice,” he said. “Despite the challenges the developing world faces, I remain optimistic that our time is coming. The need of the hour is to identify simple, scalable and sustainable solutions that can transform our societies and economies,” Modi said.

The Indian PM also pledged to amplify the Voice of the Global South as New Delhi assumed G20 Presidency. “Together we must attempt to redesign global political and financial governance. This can remove inequities, enlarge opportunities, support growth and spread progress and prosperity,” he said. He also urged to reenergize the world and call for a global agenda of respond, recognize, respect and reform’ by framing an inclusive and balanced international agenda.

“Respect sovereignty of all nations, rule of law and peaceful resolution of differences and disputes; and reform international institutions, including the UN, to make them more relevant,” Modi said. Earlier, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had announced earlier, that New Delhi will be hosting a special virtual summit under the name ‘Voice of Global South Summit’ on 12th and 13th January under the theme unity of voice and unity of purpose.”

Source: KUNA

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