The first seven months of 2022 has witnessed an influx of Indian migrant workers flying to GCC countries, according to a report by a business e-zine. The data showed that from January to July of the current year, a 50 percent increase in recruitment has been recorded, indicating that an estimate of 189,000 work permits were issued to Indian nationals until the end of July compared to 132,7000 in 2021 and 94,000 in 2020. The new wave of migrant workers from India was seen as concerns over the coronavirus dropped.

“The economic recovery in the Gulf region and the easing of travel restrictions from India is causing large numbers of Indian workers to return to the region,” said Vlamvili Muralidaran, India’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

The minister added that the UAE was the preferred destination of Indian workers, followed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, America, and Oman. Approximately 7.6 million Indians resided in the Middle East, with 341,000 based in the UAE.

Furthermore, he said that economic factors contributed to the phenomena, particularly the growing number of digital tech, start-ups, and investment opportunities in the region. He also explained that both skilled and semi-skilled workers, such as nurses, are required to furnish the Indian government with immigration permits in order to take up jobs in 18 countries abroad, including the GCC states. He stressed that those who have worked overseas for three years and paid taxes are exempted from providing an immigration permit before traveling.

Meanwhile, the report also mentioned that there was a 21 percent decrease in the number of Indian workers moving to Gulf countries back in 2018, and those authorized to work in the region by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs totaled to approximately 300,000 in the same year.

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