After a spurt of complaints and grievances by Indian workers in Kuwait, the Indian embassy has now come across frequent cases of fake job offers being made by unscrupulous agencies in the name of respectable Kuwaiti companies.

The Embassy has urged all concerned to exercise utmost care and caution and to read the Do’s and Don’ts on the website, and also verify the authenticity of the job offers as well as the genuineness of the Visas directly from the company.

The Indian embassy has published a list of recruitment agencies and companies to avoid as part of the measures to inform Indians from being misled. This comes on the heels of the recent news story where 200 Indians were trapped in Kuwait after paying money to a recruitment agency to get them visas to work in the country.  Visa trading has left many Indians stranded in Kuwait without employment or the ability to look after themselves.  They are also often at the mercy of Kuwait authorities.

For verification, the embassy has provided an email address so that intending workers can verify the authenticity of their job offers.  Further, the embassy has published a list of companies and recruiting agents that are to be avoided by Indian nationals when seeking employment.

List of Indian Embassy

Companies to Avoid

  1. Al Blassem General Trading & Contracting Company
  2. Ashi General Trading & Contracting Company
  3. Gersen General Trading & Contracting Company
  4. Al Welaya Travel & Tourism
  5. Al Ateeqi Company
  6. Al-Amer Electrical Company Limited
  7. Saad Mashood
  8. Al Saqlawi International Company
  9. London Group of Medical Services
  10. Azad Arabian General Trading & Contracting Company
  11. Saad Mutlak Dakhnan for Home Care Services Company
  12. National Contracting Company
  13. Kuwait Industrial Refinery Maintenance and Engineering Company (Kremenco)
  14. Al-Hazem Car Est.
  15. Talal S.f. Al-Ali Clinic
  16. Al-Sabah Furniture
  17. Wataniya Opticals Company
  18. First Land Trading & Contracting Company
  19. Baith Al Akhwat General Trading
  20. World of Design Company
  21. International City Corp Company For General Trading & Contracting
  22. Martyar Al Asrar Al Qabandi Bilingual School
  23. Elite Universal Group General Trading & Contracting Company
  24. Al Musthashar United General Trading & Contracting Company
  25. Badar Naser Haji Shhran Al Tandamak
  26. Gents Master Hand Tailors
  27. Al Abraq Trading Company
  28. Al-Abraj Cleaning & Contracting Company & Its Owner Shri Shaker M. Hassan
  29. Al-Khandak Security Company
  30. General Trading Company (GTC)
  31. Kuwait Al-Soqoor Security & Protection
  32. Arab Centre for Commercial & Real Estate Company
  33. Ahmad Ghuloum Redha Ashkanani Co. for Gen. Trading & Contracting W.l.l.
  34. TGM Engineering Co.
  35. Al Mishal Centre for Cloaks
  36. Jowhara Dorain General Trading and Contracting Co.
  37. Gulf Car Rental Company
  38. Al Masa Center Laundary Co.
  39. Safeer Al Nida Co.
  40. Wael Al Nusif Trading Co.
  41. Basco International Co. General and Contracting
  42. First Kuwaiti General Trading Co.
  43. Sabah International Group General Trading And Contracting
  44. Oxygen Hard Line Co.
  45. Al Taan General Trading & Contracting Company & Its Associate Man Tech Services
  46. Sahraâs Al-Roala General Trading & Contracting Company
  47. Al-Abraj Cleaning Building & Cities Contracting Company
  48. Al Mudeer Transport Company
  49. Aqueela Foodstuff Company
  50. Al Layali Cargo Transport Co.
  51. Bronzia Projects General Trading and Contracting Co.
  52. Al Kahla Goods Transport Est.
  53. Mashal Lilubi Wal Bashoot
  54. Kharafi National KSC
  55. Kharafi National KSC (Closed )
  56. General Trading
  57. Bayan National Construction and Contracting Company
  58. Al Bahar Medical Services Co.
  59. Tareq Co. W.l.l
  60. SKS Group Gen. Trad. And Contracting Co. W.l.l
  61. Al Manar Factory for Production and Packaging of Black and White Cement
  62. Sabic Global Factory Aluminium Fabrication
  63. Al Thaqeb Trading Co./al Thaqib Chocolate Co.
  64. Al Mishal Co./Abaya & Bishoot Workshop Center
  65. Bin Hamza General Trading & Contracting Co./Al-Sabaeal Al-Alamia for the Repair Of Jewellery & Silver
  66. Fahad Al Salem Sons @ Partners General Trading & Cont. Co.
  67. UNI Sign Advertising Co.
  68. Al Futooh International Gen. Trad. & Cont. Group
  69. Ghazwan Trading & Contracting Company
  70. First Projects General Trading & Contracting Company
  71. Care Services ( Al Raaya Company For Builders & Cities Cleaning Contracting)
  72. Al-Ruwad United General Trading & Contracting Company
  73. Al Reaya Company for Building & Cities Cleaning Contracting
  74. Al Essa Medical & Scientific Equipment Co.
  75. Naser Golden General Trading And Contracting Group
  76. National Ready Mix Concrete Company
  77. Al-Raqeeb General Building Contracting Co.wll
  78. Rawnaq United General Trading & Contracting Co. / Taiyaba Kitchens From Steel Fabrication
  79. Hameed Mazyad Ali Aladwani
  80. Nest Logistics Services Company W.l.l
  81. Enasco General Trading and Contracting Company W.l.l.
  82. Crystal House General Trading Co
  83. Advanced Technology Company(Atc)
  84. Swiss Medical Services
  85. Abdulla Yousef Al Radwan Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co. W.l.l.
  86. Speed United Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
  87. Hytham Restaurant
  88. Al Alamiyah For Manufacturing Tempered Glass Co.w.l.l
  89. Lobster Lake Restaurant
  90. Sakeena Book Stall/Sakina International General Trading Co.
  91. Quds Al Ahliya Co. General Trading
  92. Al Ahlia General Trading and Contracting Co.

List of Indian Embassy

Recruiting Agencies to Avoid

1 M/s. IQ Educational Academy, Chennai
2 M/s. S.G. Travel Agency Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.
3 M/s. Kapoor K.L. Enterprises-Manpower Consultant
4 M/s. S.F. international Pvt.Ltd, Delhi
5 M/s.N.D. Enterprises, New Delhi
6 M/s. Aaina Travels Enterprises, Mumbai
7 M/s. Sara Overseas Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
8 M/s. U. S. International, New Delhi.
9 M/s. Saba International Tour & Travel, Delhi.
10 V. MEX Consultant Services, New Delhi.
11 M/s. Star Enterprises, Patna.
12 M/s. SMP Service, UP.
13 M/s. Amazing Enterprise, Mumbai.
14 M/s. Java International, New Delhi.
15 M/s. Star International, New Delhi
16 M/s. Settle International, Zirakpur
17 M/s. Global Services, Mumbai
18 M/s. International HR Consultant


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