When an unidentified Indian expatriate could find no way to inform the Kuwaiti police that two of her male compatriots were holding her hostage and torturing her, she found a way to contact her government thorough a video clip which she made from inside her room where she was held captive and sent it via WhatsApp to her relatives in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

According to the Indian newspaper, ‘The New Indian Express’ the young woman identified only as ‘Sravani’ appears in the video clip crying and requesting her relatives to inform the state government to communicate through official channels with the concerned Kuwaiti authorities to save her from her ordeal.

Sravani in her appeal says the two men identified only as Shingal and Bawaji are middlemen illegally supplying domestic workers to work in Kuwaiti or expatriate households and that initially she was initially assigned to work for a Kuwaiti family.

In the video clip she says, “When for some reason I decided to quit work both men locked me in a ‘filthy’ room few days ago and tortured me physically and psychologically and deprived me of food.”

The victim’s parents told The New Indian Express that they have repeatedly tried to contact these two men to negotiate with them, but their repeated attempts have yielded no results so far.

On the basis of the video clip, the husband of the distressed maid turned to the local media in India in the hope of conveying her message to the relevant officials in Andhra Pradesh with the hope of bringing the issue to notice of the Kuwaiti authorities.

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