The Indian community in Kuwait is the bedrock of India-Kuwait relations, stated Indian Ambassador H.E. Jeeva Sagar in his address to the large Indian community gathered at the Millenium Hotel to mark the 71st Republic Day of India.

“While reaching the shores of Kuwait, the Indian community suffered the pain of separation from their loved ones, risked their lives, endured unimaginable hardships, shed sweat and blood — but at the end accomplished the kind of success which is beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. There is no field of activity where they have not made their mark nor contributed to the development of the friendly country of Kuwait,” he elaborated.

“I have felt that there is no better platform than the National Day celebration of India to acknowledge these men and women of steel.  I would like to salute all these Indian community members,” he added.

To celebrate the 71st anniversary of India’s Republic Day, a reception was hosted at the Millennium Hotel, Kuwait on 26 January. Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah was the chief guest at the function, which was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, Kuwaiti officials, Indian community members and well-wishers

Addressing the gathering, ambassador Sagar quoted the words of a senior Kuwaiti dignitary, who said, “Dear Ambassador, the test of true friendship lies in times of adversity. And as far as Kuwait is concerned, India has passed that test with flying colours. You have stood by us whenever we needed you, both in good and bad times. Our friendship was forged when Kuwait was a poor trading nation, plying its wares by small boats. But today, we are proud of our prosperity, but with humility; and, we will never forget those who shared their affection with us when we were struggling. We will always cherish our historical relations with your great country India.” The ambassador went on to reaffirm the strong ties between India and Kuwait, and mentioned that India values Kuwait’s friendship very highly.

Ambassador Sagar further pointed out, “This was the day in 1950 that India declared itself a Republic through its own Constitution. The Constitution defined us as a free and sovereign nation, called upon its people to be secular, democratic and inclusive. The robust, confident and vibrant India that you see today continues to be guided and inspired by the ideals encapsulated in this wonderful document. The people of India are the heart and soul of our nation.”

Praising the humanitarian heart of Kuwait’s leader, he said, “If you look at the size of humanitarian efforts initiated by H.H. the Amir, it is as big as India. If you consider the happiness and joy on the faces of Kuwaiti people, as well as foreigners living here, it more than compensates for their numbers. After all it is the quality of life and not the quantity that matters; I am sure you would agree with that.”

On his part, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah stressed that there are promising potentials for investments and oil and economic cooperation with India. Noting the constant contacts between Kuwait and India, and mutual visits between the two countries’ officials, Al-Jarallah expressed his pride for taking part in the celebration, in light of the distinguished and historical relations between the two friendly countries and their nations. “We always look forward to promoting ties with great countries which have major capabilities on all levels,” he said.

Lauding the commitment with which Kuwait conducted its diplomacy during its United Nations Security Council membership that ended recently, Ambassador Sagar remarked, “Every moment of the two years, it endeavored to make the world a better place for all of us. It has left the entire diplomatic community in Kuwait with a profound sense of awe and admiration.”

A dance performance that celebrated Indian culture was organized on the occasion.





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