The Hindu Post newspaper reported that the deportation of an Indian from Kuwait last June was the thread that led the Indira Gandhi International Airport police to monitor and arrest the leader and members of a gang specialized in forging passports and visas to Kuwait and other GCC countries.

The newspaper quoting the airport police director, Tanu Sharma, said the gang leader is known as “Mushtaq”, and he was arrested in Mumbai.

Sharma added, “It turned out that the gang leader was involved in forging passports and visas in cooperation with his accomplices in the cities of Mumbai and Gujarat.”

He explained that the police had begun the process of searching for members of this network last June when an Indian citizen arrived deported from Kuwait, as it was found during security checks that he was carrying two passports, one of them fake, and that he was also holding a fake visa. On this basis, a case was registered and investigation efforts began in an effort to identify the source of the forgery.

Sharma said, during his interrogation, (Mushtaq) confessed the names and addresses of the people from whom he obtained the fake passport and visa in exchange for 650,000 Indian rupees (equivalent to 2,500 Kuwaiti dinars).

“Later, we discovered that the members of that network had disappeared after learning of the news that they had been exposed,” said Dharma.

Within two months, the efforts of the detectives resulted in the arrest of members of the fraud network one by one, as they confessed to their crimes, including forging documents to send people to Kuwait and other countries.

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