There was a seminar for all the class representatives from classes 1 to 12 at the Indian Learners’ Own Academy’s Auditorium on 15th May. The seminar was about Organ Donation, addressed by a priest Reverent Father Davis Charmel from Indian Catholic church, a living example of a person who donated his kidney to a man of the Hindu faith. He is the chairperson of the Kidney Federation of India, and the promoter of Green Cross Organ Donation Campaign, Kuwait.

This seminar was conducted by the Green Cross Organization. Green Cross organization has also conducted a few competitions like Quiz competition (for parents); “Run for a life” Mini marathon (new Guinness record); Speech etc. to promote this event. Mr. D. K. Dileep who was catalyst in making it happen.

Green cross organ donation is dedicated to promoting the importance of organ donation, educating the next generation, and fostering religious harmony and international peace, all in the noble pursuit of saving life.

The seminar taught students as how to use the Green Cross Foundation to support organ donation, allowing people to donate their organs after death and give a better life to others. As part of the campaign, students were given barcodes to register with the Green Cross Foundation. The card gives families the benefit of having a community to help us in times of hardships.

He enlightened all the students about the significance of organ donation. Organ donation is a noble service through which the needy and diseased are brought back to life. The session was beneficial in nourishing the human qualities of care and affection towards others. It was indeed an influential and delightful session. The students are thankful to the school management for arranging such valuable seminars.

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