As a continuation of the “Smart Recruitment of Skilled Labor” project, for which the Public Authority for Manpower has obtained approvals to include in the development plan and to implement it in cooperation with other relevant government agencies, PAM sources disclosed the theory tests for professions for expatriate seeking to work in Kuwait or rather are recruited to work in Kuwait will take place in the countries or origin while the practical tests will happen once the workers arrive in Kuwait and the result will be taken into consideration before the worker is eligible for a work permit.

The sources told a local Arabic daily that more than 20 professions that are in high demand in the labor market have been identified and will slowly include other professions.

The sources stated that the goal of the project is to ensure the recruitment of skilled labor that contributes to upgrading the labor market, in addition to preventing, as much as possible, the entry of the untrained marginal workers, who have actively contributed to the imbalance that affected the population structure in the country. In case the worker failing the practical tests the sponsor will be obliged to pay the return fare to the point of departure.

The sources added that the most prominent objectives of the project are the academic accreditation of professional tests, determining the success and failure rates on which the authority’s decision is based on whether or not to bring in the worker, with the development of an automated test system, as well as the modernization of professions and professional and standard descriptions according to the needs of the labor market, and the adoption of laws and decisions that guarantee compliance.

This is in addition to sifting through the inputs of the labor market through the tests of its workers, their follow-up, and the upgrading of their professions to be in line with technology and market requirements.

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