By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Philippine Labor Attaché in Kuwait Nasser Mustafa published an advisory on the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) social media account stated that a local group has been using a Philippine recruitment agency name to hire Filipino applicants both from Philippines and Kuwait for several job vacancies. Concerned Filipino nationals have been summoned to POLO office and demanded statements about their involvement in the so-called illegal recruitment.

Labor Attaché Mustafa told The Times that his office has received a letter from a recruitment agency in the Philippines stated that a group in Kuwait publishes their company’s name as counterpart in providing job placements for Filipinos within Kuwait and from Philippines. The Philippine based agency stated in its letter to POLO that the so-called Agency in Kuwait has no connection whatsoever with their agency nor the two Filipinos who were mentioned in the post.

One of the Filipinos involved in the case was summoned to POLO and explained that she was not a staff of the local agency but merely refers applicants to the company.  However, the company was contacted by The Times and were told that they are a legitimate company and deploy workers for multinational companies in Kuwait, which the companies denied and said that they have their own recruitment agencies in the Philippines that process the documentations of their workers. The local company has more than ten social media accounts on Facebook with different phone numbers and contact people. The local agency apparently convinces household service workers jobs and change of visa status from Visa 20 to 18, which is illegal not permissible. Many of these household workers are apparently engaged in part time jobs as waitresses on caterings and full-time cleaning companies.  Several also have been tricked to have settled certain amount in exchange of working visas.

Philippine Labor Attaché Mustafa warned the public no to engage with such company as they are not duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). “The public is encouraged to be vigilant and to verify information on overseas job offers through or to visit the office of POLO in Kuwait” stated Labor Attaché Mustafa. POLO will not hesitate to file legal cases on anyone who have been reported bogus and fake recruiters to protect further the safety and security of Filipino workers seeking employment both in Kuwait and from the Philippines.  OFWs are encouraged to report to POLO and Philippine Embassy any suspected illegal companies and individuals involved in such trade.

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