Inspired by the vision to create a better everyday life for everyone, this year, IKEA starts celebrating the best in life: the everyday. The ordinary moments at home that create extraordinary memories.

During an event that took place at IKEA the Avenues, IKEA launched yesterday the Extraordinary at the Ordinary movement. Marino Maganto, CEO of IKEA Al Homaizi for Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco accompanied by the rest of the management team, shared with us this exciting news;

“Over the last couple of years, we have spent more time than ever at home with our dear ones. We have learnt to repurpose our homes for many different activities and to work from home while parenting. We have overcome many challenges together, and now, we recognize the importance of our homes more than ever before,“ said Maganto.

“This year, more than ever, we want to bring joy and happiness to people. We want to share positive energy around us, we want to make this year extraordinary for everyone with The Extraordinary at the Ordinary movement! This movement is born to help everyone have a better life. It starts here and now. Whether you work with us, or not, whether you visit us or not, whether you ever shopped with us or not, there will always be something for you in this movement,” Maganto added.

“We believe that ‘Home’ is the most important place in the world. By creating a better life at home, we contribute to a better life for everyone. You are the one that defines what better means, and we are there to help you make it a reality.”

“To create a better home, we visit thousands of homes every year to understand the many needs, frustrations and challenges of everyday life. We gather all these insights and incorporate them in everything we do; from designing our range, to creating the beautiful value for money solutions that you know and love. This competence in life at home makes us unique. We want to share all this knowledge with everyone” Maganto continued.

“We believe that a ‘Better Home’ is not primarily about how things look but rather about how they feel. A better home must always be functional, make you feel good and of course, it has to be beautiful and make you proud. This is why we are starting this movement with The Functional Home.”

“The Functional Home is the first one of a series of Solutions that we will launch this year to help you have the home that you always dreamed of.

What do we mean by “The Functional Home”? The Functional Home is based on the needs and activities that you and your family do at home. It must be welcoming, family friendly, comfortable, practical and personal. The Functional home evolves with you adapting to the changes that happen in your life. The functional home makes room for your memories. We believe that The Functional Home is possible for anyone to afford and make it a reality. Maganto explained.

So, how can we all make it a reality? Where do we start? To start sharing everything we know, we have created our IKEA Extraordinary at the Ordinary Magazine. This magazine is born to help you make your ordinary everyday not only better, but extraordinary!

Whatever our lifestyle or the size of our home, we all need and want a functional home. So we have decided to dedicate the full first issue.

In the magazine, you will find lots of inspiration and recommendations to help you have a better life. From the easy steps needed to set up any space, to lots of tips and ideas to make it really functional. Or help you choose what are the best colors to give it the right mood for work, relax or just have fun. How to live a healthier and more sustainable life has become a top priority for everyone. We help you with easy to prepare healthy recipes, or small routines that will make a big difference on your day.

To complement all these, we share beautiful and functional solutions that are unique and would feel just right for you. And of course, they are value for money and easy for you to have at home when you need them.

Maganto also confirmed: “We will publish many more magazines, with the different homes that we believe people dream of”

With this movement we want to be closer than ever to the people. We want everyone to interact with our brand in an exciting and fun way. We want people to be excited about every contact they have with IKEA, wherever they are, whenever they want.

To conclude, Maganto emphasized the key role that the IKEA stores play in this movement: “The key for all these beautiful inspirations and ideas to become a reality are our customer meeting points. Here is where everything comes to life. We want to turn our stores into places that everyone talks about with experiences that everyone wants to be part of. In the IKEA stores we will do workshops, talks, presentations, competitions, games, all to inspire people and also, why not, to have fun”. We want everyone to come to the IKEA stores to enjoy an exciting and new experience every time.

And, of course you will find all these and more on our IKEA Website, where you can also purchase all these solutions from the comfort of your home.
Stay tuned and follow us on our social media or visit any IKEA store for more news and updates about the Extraordinary at the Ordinary Movement.

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