The Public Authority for Manpower said about 8,467 Kuwaitis registered over the past 8 months seeking jobs and 84 Kuwaitis, including PhD holders were employed in a number of sector companies.

The report issued by the PAM national employment sector showed the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research offered 21 jobs for Kuwaiti holders of doctorate degrees followed by the Gulf University for Science and Technology. The list contained in the report showed that Kuwaiti vacancies for doctoral degree holders are concentrated in the education and medical sectors.

The report indicated that the private sector also offered jobs for 173 citizens holding a Master’s degree, and they varied between education, investment, general trade and contracting sectors.

The report showed 12,120 Kuwaitis were absorbed by the banking sector — the largest number of them — as the report showed that 56% of Kuwaiti university degree holders work in banks.

Those holding diploma are concentrated in the banking and oil sectors, and the total vacancies offered for national manpower in these two sectors were 9,655.

As for holders of high school diplomas (whether with a course and experience or without them), it was remarkable that the national labor was concentrated in agricultural and telecommunications companies, in addition to companies working in the field of cars.

According to the report 347 citizens with professional specializations and parallel education are concentrated in mechanical and electrical work, contracting and industries companies, while those with intermediate education were offered jobs in food companies, cooperative societies, security guards, hotels, maintenance and cleaning.”

In this context, the report indicated that 8,467 job seekers registered with the Public Authority for Manpower looking for work in the private sector during the first eight months of this year.

The percentage of those wishing to work in the private sector represented 42.2% of the total applicants, while 4,894 citizens indicated their desire to work in the government sector.

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