One of the hotels located on the French-Swiss border gives the possibility to choose the country in which you sleep, and as a precedent, you can sleep in two countries at once.

The family-run Alberis Franco-Swiss Hotel, also known as L’Arbézie, is located in a small village above the Jura Mountains, on the international border separating France and Switzerland, reports Al-Rai daily.

The hotel’s exceptional location resulted from the Treaty of Dappes in 1862, in which France and Switzerland agreed to a small territorial exchange to allow full French control of a nearby strategic route.

The treaty required that any existing buildings along the border remain in place, something a local businessman took advantage of to open a shop and tavern to take advantage of the cross-border trade. This was followed by the opening of the hotel in 1921.

The result was that almost half of the hotel was located in France, and the other half in Switzerland. With a room divided between the two countries, an invisible international line runs through the bathroom and the bed, which means that the visitor sleeps with his head in Switzerland and his feet in France.

In the early sixties, he embraced members of the Algerian National Liberation Front delegation during secret negotiations with France before the “Evian” meetings.

The report added that due to the Algerian negotiators’ refusal to enter French territory for fear of being arrested, France decided to conduct the talks in secret within its borders, so that the “Arbaz” Hotel would be the ideal solution for that.

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