The Public Corporation for Housing Welfare held a meeting of the Standing Committee for Coordination and Follow-up of Road Works, Rainwater and Sewage Networks in Housing Projects, regarding the development of a modern rain drainage system in Al Mutlaa, an Arab daily reported.

During the meeting, Deputy Director General for Implementation Affairs, Eng. Rashid Al-Enezi, laid out a visual presentation on the new system and its advantages, as rainwater is drained automatically into the ground after filtering it from dust, plankton and oils, and without the need for the traditional system by transporting and throwing it into the sea through very large lengths and expensive rain pipes and sewers.

Al-Enezi explained that the new system contains 89 filter tanks distributed over the entire project area between the mechanism of work of these tanks and how to maintain them to guarantee a highly efficient operation.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Director-General for Planning and Design Affairs, Eng. Nasser Khreibet, and leaders of the Corporation, the Ministry of Works, the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, and in the presence of some relevant authorities represented by the Environment Public Authority and Kuwait Municipality (Environmental Protection Police).

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