The Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Daman) announced the completion of the supply of medical beds to its hospitals in the Ahmadi and Jahra governorates, as part of efforts by the company to provide system for secondary health care services.

The company said in a statement it is working relentlessly to provide the basic facilities for the operation of the hospitals according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health before opening the hospitals for treating residents working in the private sector (Article 18) and their families, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources revealed the completion of the delivery and installation of more than 548 medical beds for Daman hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra. The sources said they are modern beds equipped with all the necessary medical capabilities for the comfort and treatment of patients — services of the highest international standards and the best levels of quality keeping in mind the safety of the patient as stipulated by the company’s policies and in compliance with the requirements and standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), from which Daman has obtained approval.

The sources added that the opening of hospitals in the near future is an important and strategic step that will undoubtedly be followed by other steps in preparation for the rest of the stages that will include more centers and hospitals in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Health until we reach our final goal of achieving the company’s vision and strategy in building and managing a comprehensive and integrated health system that includes all medical activities and services, including insurance, treatment, follow-up and health maintenance programs.

The company stated that it is expected to equip “Daman” hospitals in the Ahmadi and Jahra governorates in the last quarter of this year, and work is underway to receive and supply medical devices and equipment that have been selected from the latest models with the highest specifications and technologies available globally.

The sources added that the hospitals will provide many specialized medical services the most prominent of these are family medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, surgery, emergency, gynecology and internal medicine, orthopedics, physiotherapy and intensive care with pharmacy, radiology, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory services.

The sources indicated that Daman hospitals in both Ahmadi and Jahra consist of 5 floors and a basement with a total area of 82,000 square meters.

Each hospital contains patient rooms and 330 beds capacity, 14 operating rooms, 21 intensive care units for adults and newborns, laboratories built on an area of 1,700 square meters, the radiology department with an area of 3076 square meters, the emergency department with an area of 5,289 square meters, which is linked to an air ambulance helipad, and outpatient clinics with an area of 8,340 square meters, in addition to the pharmacy department with an area of 1,739 square meters.

Each hospital has a car parking facility to accommodate more than 550 cars.

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