The Health Ministry (MoH) and the Education Ministry (MoE), which together hire the largest number of expatriates in the public-sector, have been urged by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to draw up a list of names of expatriate employees they can terminate at the end of the year without affecting services.

In line with this directive, the education ministry is understood to have prepared the names of 450 personnel and the health ministry has added 300 more for termination by the end of the year.

Teachers in English, Computer Science and Literature, as well as elderly administrative staff at MoE will be among those to be terminated first at MoE, as these are subjects where expatriate teachers can be replaced by Kuwaitis.

In MoH, the axe is likely to fall on senior administrative staff, as well as elderly doctors and nursing staff. Both ministries have confirmed that those to be terminated will be notified before the end of the year, while teachers will be intimated before the end of the school year.

Ironically, even as the two ministries were busy drawing up a list of expatriate employees to terminate, it has been reported that they were also busy hiring new expatriate employees.

Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Development Affairs at the MoE, Fahd Al-Ghaiss, said that 67 newly-recruited teachers arrived from Jordan and 12 more are to arrive from the same destination soon, while 58 teachers were recruited from Tunisia had arrived, with 39 more are set to arrive soon. Meanwhile, the MoH is allegedly busy trying to recruit hundreds of nurses from India and elsewhere.

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