A Canadian research has found that a high-fat diet may cause changes in the bone marrow, which increases the risk of obesity and a number of chronic diseases that come with it.

According to the medical study, diets rich in fat may increase the production of inflammatory cells in the bone marrow, which puts the person at risk of obesity, reports a local Arabic daily.

The research issued by the University of Toronto revealed that high-fat diets lead to an increase in the production of single inflammatory cells of the immune system, which may lead to an inflammatory chain that includes the bone marrow, and thus the accumulation of these cells may lead to the accumulation of fatty tissue throughout the body.

The researchers also noted that high-fat diets may hinder metabolism, and may make inflammatory immune cells become less efficient at breaking down sugar and converting it into energy, but they pointed out that these results are insufficient and need more research and scrutiny in relation to diet, obesity and chronic diseases and its relationship to the structure of the bone marrow.

The therapeutic nutrition and obesity treatment consultant, Dr. Samir Sami, explains that the findings of this study shed light on the harms of the fat-based diet known as “keto”, despite the fact that many rely on it in order to reduce excess weight.

Sami stressed the need for patients not to search for magic and quick solutions in order to get rid of excess weight, because each individual has his own case.

He added that what is required is to find out the reason why one person gains weight, while another person may eat a large amount of food, but remains in a state of fitness.

He pointed out that people vary in terms of the speed of their metabolism, that is, burning calories, and this aspect was talked about by the Canadian research, when it alerted to the consequences of a high-fat diet on the “metabolism” process.

Sami said that the impact of the metabolism in the human body due to the high-fat diet means a greater risk of weight gain.

The health expert stressed that a person’s weight is affected by concerted, overlapping and complex factors, so that it may increase or decrease due to a particular vitamin, and it may also be affected by a psychological factor.

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