Merchants tend to take advantage of the blessed month of Ramadan to raise prices of their merchandize unmindful of the suffering of the citizens and residents and as a result many of them end up buying frozen meat that is commensurate with his income, as its price is significantly lower than that of fresh meat.

To know the truth about the market trend the Al-Rai daily visited the Safat Al-Mawashi in Al-Jahra and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, and was briefed on the market movement, as livestock traders confirmed that citizens had already begun buying live sheep and slaughtering them with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, which led to an increase in demand with the availability of Iranian, Saudi and local sheep.

One of the traders said that the prices of live Arab sheep range between 70 and 150 dinars, depending on weight and the country of origin.

He explained “the majority of citizens’ requests during the month of Ramadan focus on sheep, whose weight ranges between 15 and 18 kilograms, and that a majority of Kuwaitis buy two animals at one time and there are others who buy 3 or 4 sacrifices.”

He stated “live sheep are available in the market, including the Iranian Shefali, whose price ranges between 70 and 100 dinars, and the Saudi and local, whose price ranges between 120 and 150 dinars, while the local goat costs about 80 dinars, and the Iranian 55, while the camel has a price ranging from 350 to 450” dinars, according to age and weight.

As for the chilled meat, a meat trader confirmed that chilled meat is in great demand from both the citizens and residents as a result of the high prices of fresh meat, and the inability of many to keep up with its prices, pointing out that chilled meat has increased in price by nearly 40 percent.

He pointed out that “the price of the frozen carcass from Pakistan is 35 dinars, from Lebanon 54, and the Australian is 50 dinars, while at the livestock company it is sold for 55 dinars, in addition to the import from South Africa, which costs 45 dinars and the Sudanese 35,” stressing that the turnout has exceeded expectations, as the month of Ramadan approached, and traders sold twice as much as on normal days.

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