Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding (Hesco) has partnered with China’s Zaopin Hangzhou for a contract to treat 2.6 million cubic meters of contaminated soil worth $185.2 million.

Documents obtained by MEED showed that the team had completed a pilot project in China that successfully tested the technologies to be used in Kuwait, at a time when Hesco and Zaopin will still need to compete successfully in a pilot project in-country in order to fulfill the contract requirements, according to a local Arabic daily.

The contract is part of Kuwait’s multi-billion dollar environmental reform program aimed at tackling oil pollution in the south of the country. This set of contracts is referred to as the first SEKTR-1 South Kuwait Exploration, Transport and Processing project.

The Kuwait Environmental Reform Program, the largest environmental remediation project in the world, was established by the United Nations Compensation Commission to allow Kuwait to address environmental damage resulting from the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

Earlier this month, MEED revealed that KCPC has become the first contractor to pass pilot testing within the country as part of the final phase of the country’s United Nations-based oil spill remediation program, and has entered into a partnership With the Excellence Technology Company in Saudi Arabia ETC in the project.

The total scope of its $188 million contract will include remediation of 2.6 million cubic meters of contaminated soil, while the technical clarification process is underway for the second set of soil remediation project contracts covering clean-up operations in southern Kuwait.

The project is known as the second South Kuwait Exploration, Transport and Processing Project (SKETR-2), and it was divided into three areas. The total value of the lowest three bids is $455.2 million. The packages will treat 8.5 million cubic meters of contaminated soil. The clarification process is expected to take one month or more, and contracts will be awarded once completed.

The Kuwait Oil Company has offered a consultancy contract as part of Kuwait’s multi-billion dollar environmental remediation program.

The documents were made available to contractors who wish to bid on the project as of last Sunday, as the tender relates to consultancy services in project management and related activities.

The deadline for submitting bids for companies looking to win the contract is December 18, and a pre-tender meeting is scheduled for October 17.

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