Since late last week, PCR test centers in the government and private sector hospitals have witnessed a big turnout, coinciding with the increase in the suspected cases of infection with the emerging “Corona” virus, in light of the spread of the new strain of the mutated ‘Omicron’.

Sources told Al-Rai there were queues of people wishing to conduct the test and queues to receive the third booster dose, and the number reached 528,000, and the health sources attributed the reason for the high demand for PCR to the desire of some for reassurance, in addition to the large number of people who have returned from abroad and must do the PCR test 72 hours after arrival, if they wish to end quarantine period within 10 days.

Statistics of the Ministry of Health show an increase in the number of swabs of between 30 and 35,000 per day — the highest since the outbreak of the pandemic in February 2020.

As part of evaluating the epidemiological situation, the Ministry of Health explained, in a statement yesterday, that daily cases of infection are still recording “unprecedented numbers,” stressing that there is diligent follow-up by technical teams for cases inside hospital wards and ICU.

The Ministry renewed its call to citizens and residents to take the initiative to complete the vaccination, take the booster dose, commit to covering the nose and mouth, and adhere to health guidelines in the places of gatherings.

The Ministry renewed the call not to mix with others when feeling sick, especially respiratory symptoms such as (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat), or in case of feeling sick, headache or fever, stressing that “we all have a common responsibility and with cooperation of everyone we will pass this stage with the best results, God willing.”

6 tips to help contain the virus

  1. – Complete the vaccination and take the booster dose
  2. – Always cover the nose and mouth
  3. – Adhere to the instructions in the places of gatherings
  4. – It is necessary to limit travel to cases of necessity
  5. – Commitment of those coming from abroad to the quarantine period
  6. – Not to mix with others when feeling symptoms

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