Due to the lack of support, the Kuwaiti Farmers’ Union warned of what it called “heavy losses which may push Kuwaiti farmers to offer their produce for free”, in addition to them gaining poor financial returns from the production and sales process through the country’s marketing outlets. Members are calling for necessary government intervention and to save farmers who suffer from heavy losses at the beginning of the current agricultural season.

The head of the Farmers’ Union, Abdullah Al-Dammak, told an Arabic daily that prices are in a continuous decline for most crops, which requires the government to intervene and save the farms, pointing out that the difficulty of continuing this situation in light of the great losses incurred by farmers, who made the most precious work in the field, continuously working during the past summer months.

Dammak also pointed out the importance of increasing farm support and for the government to stand by the farmers to continue agricultural production throughout the year. In addition, he said that the current situation compels the offering of plant products and crops by some farmers in the markets and associations for free, especially since the return is not commensurate with the volume of production costs, starting with agriculture and labor wages, then harvesting and unloading the cartons, which now costs higher than the selling price. He also told the paper that the union is working towards harnessing all its capabilities for the benefit of farmers, in order to support and enhance food security.

He stressed that cartons of some vegetables are sold at prices ranging between 30 and 50 fils, therefore the rapid and urgent intervention of the next government and the National Assembly is an absolute necessity, to prevent farmers’ reluctance to plant due to the continuous losses.

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