By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Officers of Health and Fitness Organization in Kuwait held its oath taking ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Embassy of the Philippines officiated by the Honorable Aron Lozada.

The first set of officers were trainers and coaches from different gyms and health hubs and many of whom are multi awarded bodybuilders and prominent fitness coaches.

Vice Consul Aron Lozada of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait presided the oath taking of the group. The newly formed organization is composed of: Founder – Arsenio Agpoon, Co. Founder – Emmanuel Galicia, President – Jurlick Balabat, Vice President – Richard Paglinawan, Secretary – Francis Deleña, Treasurer -Greg Obina, Auditor – Lady Henzen, P.R.O. – Joseph Esquibel and Jerry Romasanta, Sgt. Arms – Trangquilino Borres, Apwide Bantigao and Domingo Tejada, Event coordinator – Mrs. Blanche Bravo, Media Coordinator – Fran Cis and Advisers: Mariel Garganera, Edwin Briones and Rolando Bayoco.

Newly sworn officers signed the certificates of membership to the organization. In a brief interview with Founder Agpoon, mentioned that the group’s advocacy is to promote good health and effective ways to achieve it. “We are encouraging everyone to send us message via our social media accounts should they have any questions regarding health and fitness issues” commented Agpoon.

Event Coordinator Blanche Bravo also mentioned that the group will participate in a fund -raising event this month. The team also informs everyone that series of events will be spearheaded by the group in the coming year.

“The organization welcomes trainers, coaches educators and fitness enthusiasts to join our team and be an active influencer in empowering individuals to achieve better health” ended President Balabat.

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