The Ministry of Education concerned with combating cheating during exams by students has formed committees to contain this phenomenon which is fast spreading to punish those caught red-handed and deprive them from answering the rest of the exams and giving them ‘0’ scores in the exams they have already answered.

In the midst of all this, a local Arabic daily has learned, the sale of ‘headphones’ which help in cheating has flooded the market and although these gadgets are difficult to buy on the black market portal they are easily available on websites and smart apps.

The daily added, the school authorities in the first two days of high school students have caught 600 students while cheating, including 250 cases in Islamic education.

The value of the headphone is priced between 45 and 65 dinars which once was sold for as low as 25 dinars and as the exams approached the price almost doubled or even trebled.

Some students taking advantage of the exam season even offered to sell their headphones which they used earlier and the price ranges between 20 and 35 dinars say sources.

There are many forms of cheating, including “T-shirt, bank card, necklace, ear built-in magnetic headset”, all of which contain modern systems and long-range communication capability.

In this context, the Kuwaiti National Integrity Society has warned of the spread of fraud, calling on the Ministry of Commerce to issue a decision banning the sale and purchase of equipment used in fraud, including headphones and technological devices in local markets.

In a statement, the society called for activating the supervision and field inspection to control the violating shops, and the inclusion of cheating aids such as headphones and technological devices in the lists prohibited from importing.

The sources pointed to the importance of the ministries of Interior and Information following up on websites that offer for sale cheating tools to students and referring them to the Public Prosecution.

Meanwhile, the sources added schools must be provided with modern technological means to detect tools used in cheating, and help the educational institutions in exercising strict control over all examination procedures, starting with selecting a team of honest and qualified professors and staff.

Ways to combat cheating students

1 – Forbid sale of headphones and similar devices in the market

2 – Activate supervision and field inspection on shops selling these gadgets

3 – Include cheating tools on the list of forbidden items

4 – Refer owners of websites that sell cheating tools to prosecution

5 – Declare these gadgets as crime tools

6 – Investigation with the student and his guardian to reveal the circumstances

7 – Provide schools with modern means to detect such tools

8 – Tighten control over all procedures related to tests

9 – Select efficient and honest personnel to prepare, print and distribute exams

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