UNITE! Activism to End Violence against Women and Girls

We need to keep campaigning to men that, if given the same chances as our male counterparts, women have the capabilities to do things and prove themselves.

And, we have to keep campaigning to women that we can actually achieve the things we may think impossible, if we allow ourselves to have the courage and willingness to try.

In each and every event and occasion that the Indonesian Embassy has held or attended, I always stress on gender equality in my speeches.
These are continuance campaigns and endless effort to build better understanding within our communities that women and men are equals, and not only we are against GBV, we are against violence in all forms.

As part of this continued campaign, we are aiming to make close contact with schools through supporting their cultural programs, which gives us the opportunity to encourage children to embrace different cultures, as well as gender equality that will build their early respect towards each other regardless of gender, race, nationality, or other differences.

The more understanding between men and women that we are equals and partners in any undertaking; that we will not really stand strong without the support of one another, the more we will begin to realize that encouraging one another for the betterment regardless of our gender will create a better future for all and that violence are the tools for the weak.

H.E. Claire Le Flecher
Ambassador of France

H.E. Aliya Mawani
Ambassador of Canada

H.E. Melissa Kelly
Ambassador of Australia

H.E. Belinda Lewis
British Ambassador to Kuwait

Mazen AboulHosn
Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Gediminas Varanavicius
EU Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

H.E. Haja Ishata Thomas
Ambassador of Sierra Leone

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