Ricky Laxa / Staff Writer

Closure of gyms, salons, and spas has been one of the most appealed issue to reconsider during the curfew and lockdown periods in the country with the specific reason that it curtails the fitness regimens of fitness buffs who are dedicated to keeping themselves fit and trim. But somehow with the limited time available, many have managed to balance their time either before, after, or in between jobs to be able to get through their daily exercises.

In brief interviews with some gym-goers, they explained different reasons as to why gym workouts are an essential and absolute necessity. Muhammad Mirsa Karukappadath, an employee in the oil sector, stated that his need to engage in cardio workout and fitness regimens are important to his health condition as his cholesterol level rises when faced with sedentary situations. “I’m thankful that gyms somehow were allowed to open with health prescribed measures to follow. Limited time is given as I need to wake up early to avail myself the two hours my schedule permits prior to my working hours. It’s good and better than nothing at all”, said Karukappadath. 

Similarly, James Lari, an engineer, suffers from high blood pressure and uric acid attacks when he does not get to work out on a regular basis. “Diet is important and that’s evident, but in order to achieve good balance health, exercise has to happen. Diet and exercise should go together, and what better place to do workout but the gym with trainers supervising your exercises” added Lari.

During the lockdown period with a couple of hours, many have engaged in-home workouts and cut down on their food intake but were not able to maintain the consistency of their diet and workouts.

“Working out in gym is better and somehow pushes you to complete sets of workouts. Seeing other people run on treadmills and lift weights on machines and free weights inspire you to go on working out and finish your regimen and working out at home somehow is not as effective” explained, fitness coach Ameer Khalid. Fitness Trainer of Future Body Gym Joseph Anthony said that gym buffs wake up as early as five in the morning to make it to the gym opening and spend at least an hour or two working on their fitness schedules and rush home to make it to the start of their working hours and some as late as three in the afternoon prior to curfew.

“We ensure that health protocols are observed in the gym at all times and refrain from overcrowding. Clients are very much aware of these directives,” added Anthony.

Many are still hopeful that longer hours be given to such health facilities to accommodate more individuals who are in dire need of use of facilities for health reasons, however thankful that even for shorter hours it’s possible to follow through their workout programs.

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