An informed security source in the General Administration of Ports confirmed the right of any Gulf citizen to enter Kuwait, even if his passport had a stamp visiting Israel, Al Anbaa reported.

In a special statement to the daily the source said that according to the Gulf agreement, any Gulf citizen has the right to enter Kuwait with the passport of his home, even if he has to stamp the entry and exit of Israel, pointing out that there are many Americans and Europeans who enter the country with passports who previously entered these passports into Israel.

The source added that Kuwait has nothing to do with any bilateral relations concluded by Gulf countries, stressing that any Emirati or Bahraini citizen who entered Israel, who is a citizen of one of the two Gulf countries that signed two peace agreements with Israel, has the right to enter Kuwait.

It is noteworthy that statements by former officials confirmed that Kuwait prevents anyone who has a passport stamped or a visa for Israel to enter its territory, and of course, if he holds an Israeli passport.

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