As part of its keenness to promote financial literacy among the various segments of society, Gulf Bank continues to support the banking awareness campaign “” for the third year in a row, by broadcasting and disseminating awareness and educational materials through social media and the bank’s website, as well as other media.

The campaign, which is supervised by the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Federation of Kuwait Banks, aims to spread financial culture in society, raise awareness of the role of the banking sector, and how to benefit from the various services that banks provide in an optimal manner to their customers, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In this context, Abdul Mohsen Al-Nassar, Corporate Communications Officer at Gulf Bank, indicated that Gulf Bank spares no effort in supporting the objectives of the Let’s Be In the Know campaign, by broadcasting awareness messages to customers and the public through the media and social media channels, especially with regard to protecting banking data and information.

Al-Nassar warned of the potential risks of not following security and safety instructions when using modern technologies in banking transactions, advising customers not to provide any information about accounts and personal transactions to unknown parties or to respond to messages of unknown origin, in violation of data confidentiality and banking protection measures.

He called on customers not to share their banking data with anyone, pointing out that there are many tricks that occupiers follow to deceive the customer, with the aim of obtaining his banking data or his OTP code.

He advised customers not to interact with e-mails of unknown origin, in order to avoid falling into fraud operations, as well as to ensure that the websites that the customer uses for shopping are safe, and that the electronic payment gateway is approved, in order to avoid falling into fraud operations.

Gulf Bank’s vision is to be the leading bank in Kuwait, through the participation of its employees in working in a comprehensive and diversified environment to provide distinguished customer service, while ensuring that it serves the community in a sustainable manner. Thanks to the wide network of branches and innovative digital services that the bank owns, it gives its customers the right to choose how and where to complete their banking transactions, while ensuring that they enjoy an easy and fast banking experience.

As part of its support for Kuwait Vision 2035 “New Kuwait”, and its keenness to cooperate with various parties to achieve it, Gulf Bank is committed to working towards making strong developments in the field of sustainability, at all levels of environmental, social and governance, through various sustainability initiatives, strategically selected inside and outside the bank.

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