The security sources said about 8,000 driving licenses have been withdrawn from expatriates during the first half of this year, because they were granted to motorists who did not fulfill the conditions, in addition to placing a block on 50 driving licenses of Kuwaitis, due to what the authorities called visual or mental disabilities.

General Directorate of Traffic sources stated that the withdrawal of the licenses of thousands of expatriates is due to their non-compliance with the conditions, as some obtained them based on their profession, “but after changing the job title or if the person did not meet the salary condition he/she automatically loses the right to hold the license.

The sources pointed out that there are instructions by the Ministry of the Interior, to tighten the issue of driving licenses, and limit them to those who meet the conditions, as the link between government agencies has greatly contributed to reducing manipulation to obtain driving licenses, especially through coordination in technical aspects, between the Residence Affairs Sector of the Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for Manpower, and the Public Authority for Disability Affairs, also contributed to tightening the screws on those who had previously obtained driving licenses and changed their professions and tampered with conditions, especially that the automated system reviews all driving licenses granted to expatriates.

The sources indicated that the GTD placed a “block” on the driving licenses of resident students, who completed their studies and did not hand over the licenses as per the law.

Also GTD has withdrawn the licences of domestic workers, after they changed the profession and no longer works for the sponsor.

The sources indicated that the Undersecretary of the Traffic and Operations Sector, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, gave instructions not to be lenient in granting driving licenses to residents, and to ensure that all conditions set by the ministry are met, which are “job title, profession, salary, university degree, and driver’s license in the home country.”

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