Agricultural activists in Kuwait are seeking to establish different types of agricultural reserves, out of concern for greening initiatives in the country, including the initiative of the agricultural activist and owner of the “Sidra Reserve” initiative Obaid Al-Shammari, who seeks to plant 10,000 Sidra by 2023 in the Arifjan desert area, with the help of volunteers and interested persons.

Yesterday, after completing the planting of three thousand trees in the desert, Al-Shammari said that the expansion of planting these trees in the country comes not only out of concern for the local greening policy, but also because of the great economic and environmental returns that benefit the state, reports a local Arabic daily.

On the initiative, Al-Shammari explained that he started it by planting 450 sidr plants in Arifjan in 2018, and gradually expanded the cultivation until the desert boasted of 3,000 trees, with community participation that embodied the patriotic spirit and teamwork.

He said he hopes that all members of society and private and public institutions will contribute and take such voluntary initiatives for the benefit of all, indicating that the initiative aims to plant 10,000 Sidra plants in the next phase, through which Kuwaiti Sidr honey, canary fruits and henna dye can be produced.

He stressed that the idea of the project focuses on consolidating the concept of volunteering among youth and spreading the culture of greening, adding that the partnership with the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources enhances support for this concept, as it includes the awareness aspect through which seminars and workshops are held in schools of the Ministry of Education and through various activities in public parks.

He added that one of the initiative’s goals is to spread Sidr cultivation in the authority’s afforestation projects on the roadsides and squares, so that seedlings are planted in the authority’s nurseries, by making donations from several sides.

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