The government plans to limit the tenure of government officials, such the undersecretary, assistant undersecretaries and directors of institutions to four years, except in some cases.

A local Arabic daily quoting reliable sources, said this approach will be applicable to new appointments – appointees who are waiting to take up their jobs after the government formation.

Those officials whose terms have expired and are still on the job, will be considered, noting that some of those occupying these positions have spent more than two consecutive terms.

The sources added if this trend is approved, the time period for occupying leadership positions will be a maximum of 4 years. The sources stated that the next government will consider the appointments of a number of candidates to fill vacant leadership positions in various government agencies and bodies who were previously nominated, and no decision has been taken regarding them due to the government’s resignation to ensure their eligibility to occupy the position.

The sources expected that these new appointments would be resolved during the first sessions of the Council of Ministers after the formation of the new government.

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