The government plans new measures to confront fake accounts and pursue those who stir up strife and confusion through social media.

However, a local Arabic daily said this will be done without prejudice to freedoms and pointed out that the concerned government agencies has started monitoring many fake accounts that have been spreading malicious rumors, disseminating false information about state symbols and the judiciary saying they will be systematically confronted during the next stage.

Reliable sources said there is intensive coordination between the Cybercrime Department, Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) and the Communications Authority to monitor who is behind these suspicious accounts and who manages them.

The source explained that the government is keen on preserving people’s dignity and protecting them from extortion and defamation, and applying cybercrime laws to protect national unity and stop defamation, which has become an essential feature of some fake accounts.

The source pointed out that government measures include monitoring malicious “hashtags” and monitoring their broadcast sites, and all state agencies will be stressed once again by responding to rumors and activating the role of official spokespersons in state agencies, and not limiting the response to the government communication center only.

The five government measures include

— Trapping fake accounts

— Legal procedures against suspects

— Preserving people’s dignity and not infringing on freedoms

— Addressing defamation professionals

— Activating the role of official spokespersons in the state authorities

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