Within the framework of the government’s steps taken to address the demographic imbalance in the country, an issue that has witnessed monitoring, research and discussions for years, recommendations and solutions have accumulated and many changes have emerged suggesting that the recent decisions taken by the government towards marginal employment are continuing to resolve it, after it was proven that many of the expatriates in the domestic and private sector did not comply with the laws and regulations and deliberately violated them.

Several changes have emerged recently, consistent with a series of new decisions aimed at toughening the penalties for violators of the residence law and controlling their transgressions, reports a local Arabic daily.

In addition, the Ministry of Interior and the General Traffic Department have listed seven offences which can lead to deportation.

The violations that lead to deportation include:

► Fishing in Kuwait Bay without a permit

► Dumping waste and construction material in undesignated places

► Driving a vehicle without license

► Serious traffic violations committed by taxi drivers (those who do not comply with ‘on call’ and ‘roving’ laws

► Those violating public morals

► Caught working for others and not the sponsor

► Non-renewal of work permits

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