The government has requested for an emergency session of the National Assembly tomorrow, Monday, to discuss the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

A local Arabic daily, quoting informed sources said the government has asked for a session to be held in-camera, as developments of events and preparations to face the consequences of the war on Kuwait, if any, will be discussed.

In view of the urgent global circumstances and the repercussions of the current military confrontation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine and its direct and indirect impact on the regional and international levels in terms of political, security, economic, commercial, environmental and other matters that require us to be vigilant, careful continuous work and continuous follow-up to avoid and mitigate the spillover of those effects on us.

Pursuant to the text of Articles 72 and 69 of the National Assembly’s bylaws, the government submits to the honorable National Assembly a request to hold a secret special session on Monday 7/3/2022 to inform the brothers, members of the Assembly, of the latest developments and current accurate events and all possibilities that may result from the developments of that confrontation and the measures and preparations of the government regarding it.

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