Publishing the latest statistics on subsidized food and construction supplies to Kuwaiti families, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that nearly 2.12 million people benefitted from the government’s subsidized food program.

The ministry added that it spent KD15 million on subsidies in November 2019, with KD7.2 million going towards subsidized food nutrients and KD7.8 million for subsidizing construction material. Of the food subsidies, nearly KD559,000 was spent on children’s food and milk, which includes a variety of 24 items.

Food and construction material are provided at highly subsidized rate to citizens. This is done so as to ensure nationals do not face any difficulties in accessing nutritional foods, as well as to help them build new homes or complete repairs and renovation to their old homes without the cost impacting their wallets significantly.

Given that the population of Kuwaitis is only 1.4 million, the subsidy scheme has over 700,000 non-Kuwaiti beneficiaries.

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