The Kuwait Municipality has a government mandate to speed up the allocation of 18 sites for the benefit of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and to overcome all the obstacles it faces, in a move aimed at finding appropriate solutions to the housing issue and ensuring stability and a decent living for Kuwaitis.

Sources told a local Arabic daily that the sites required to be allocated for housing care are expected to provide approximately 160,000 housing units, between cities, other areas and new residential suburbs.

The sources stated that the concerned government agencies presented their views regarding finding suitable sites for establishing new residential areas for Kuwaitis in light of the report prepared by the State-owned Space Land Survey Committee, which is suitable for housing projects.

The Kuwait Municipality is currently taking the necessary measures to allocate 4 sites for the PAHW. It is also coordinating with the authority to find an appropriate mechanism to allocate 14 other sites and to overcome the obstacles it faces in order to provide housing care for citizens.

It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers met at the end of last September, during which it discussed the recommendation of the ministerial committee supervising the follow-up of the implementation of major projects regarding the report prepared by the committee for inventorying state-owned lands suitable for residential projects in the urban area (formed under the decision of the Minister of State for Housing Affairs for the year 2021), lands suitable for residential care and the obstacles facing each of them.

The Council of Ministers decided to assign the Kuwait Municipality the following — take the necessary measures to allocate the sites specified in the report for the benefit of the PAHW to provide housing for citizens so that it can carry out the necessary procedures to distribute them to beneficiaries and coordinate with the PAHW and the relevant authorities to develop the appropriate mechanism to allocate some sites for the benefit of the for the purpose of providing residential care to citizens, and ways to overcome all obstacles that the areas designated for residential care may face, and provide the Council of Ministers a report regarding all the above-mentioned sites and the appropriate recommendations in this regard, within a month from its date.

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