The Deputy Director-General of the Livestock Sector at the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources Mohsen Al-Mutairi said the Deputy Director-General of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Sector has issued instructions to follow up and run a check on the Birds and Feed Markets Section to be included with the veterinary services (Animal Health Department) of the livestock sector.”

Al-Mutairi added that “the authority, in the name of urgency, sent workers to clean the bird market and its surroundings in order to protect public health, and the Director General of Kuwait Municipality was addressed to provide a number of workers to continue cleaning the bird and feed market,” noting that there was a quantity of waste and some trash that blocked entry and exits and proved an obstacle to the water drainage lines, in addition to other building law violations and stacking of random goods in passageways, which could spark fires, as happened in the tent market, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Mutairi went on to say, “To complement the efforts made to remove violations from the bird and feed market, we also addressed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Works and asked to provide a vehicle every week to drain the accumulated water to help drain the sewage and remove many sediments that affect the general safety of market workers, in addition to the safety of animals in the market,” pointing out that the bird market building, which was received by the authority from the Kuwait Municipality, has a defect in the infrastructure.

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