The Kuwaitization plan faces repeated stumbling blocks for various reasons because “officials concerned with raising the percentage of Kuwaitis in the private sector have criticized the government’s employment policies, based on the fact that the benefits granted by government agencies to their workers weaken the ability of companies to localize jobs and to add insult to injury is the wage scale which is not consistent with its capabilities of its employees.”

The sources indicated that “among the main reasons that prompted the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower to request a postponement of the adjustment of the percentages of national labor in the private sector, which were to be increased according to trends, is the inability of a large segment of institutions and companies to bear the cost of strong government competition to attract Kuwaitis, while some companies that met the required percentages showed inequality with the government in localizing jobs, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources pointed out that “the private sector is not able to keep pace with the generosity of government agencies in providing job temptations for its citizens, which include the purchase of vacations, and long vacation periods that reach 10 days on some occasions, in addition to accepting a job effort less than what is required to work in companies and institutions. ».

She pointed out that “the salary criterion in the private sector does not depend only on the certificate, but also includes experience and functional ability, and what makes this more difficult is some educational outputs that do not suit companies,” calling on the government to “adopt a balanced government policy that encourages the migration of Kuwaitis from the government sector to the private sector and not The opposite.”

She stated that “such advantages and others reduce the ability of the private sector to double its Kuwaitization, and there are concentration ratios that are difficult to provide for national labor in all sectors,” noting that “these challenges were among the basic rationales that reinforced the decision to postpone the adjustment of national labor rates in the private sector.

The sources confirmed that “the Manpower Authority seeks to enhance the presence of Kuwaiti youth in the private sector in its various institutions, within the framework of promoting targeted human development,” pointing out that “work is to reach a governmental formula to adopt new employment policies that enhance its objectives to increase the presence of Kuwaitis in the private sector.”

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