GoScore organized a launch event to mark its debut as a platform equipped to enable students to achieve new horizons of learning. A press conference was held, chaired by the company heads, including the CEO Amal Das. The management told the media that it “strives to achieve the concept of educational democracy by ensuring cost-effective and affordable education for every student.” GoScore offers three variants of learning – offline, and online as well as a subscription-based model to cater to each student’s style of learning and preferences.

GoScore hopes to organize a book exchange event with the intention to distribute all collected books to disadvantaged students. Additionally, GoScore is collaborating with a trusted partner, Doubtbox, in India, offering high-quality learning resources to students at affordable rates.

“We are led by the value of social responsibility and ensure that our services are accessible to everyone irrespective of their financial status. At GoScore Learning, we believe that Education is the fundamental right of every individual, and are obliged to offer high-quality education at reasonable rates for the children in the community,” said the firm’s CEO, Amal G Haridas.

A seasoned entrepreneur and education industry professional, Amaldas GH has a track record of success in the Middle East. As the founding member and CEO of GoScore Learning Middle East LLC, he has established an EdTech company that provides a range of learning solutions to students in the region. Before founding GoScore in 2022, Amaldas gained extensive experience in the education industry while working with Byjus GCC.

“The GoScore team is guided by the values of determination and dedication,” said Amaldas. “As a highly motivated and enthusiastic team, passionate about creating a positive impact on the EdTech industry, we are individuals who come from various backgrounds and have skills that work together to achieve the company’s goals. Our team is obliged to offer the best quality education to our customers.”

Mentioning that his firm prides itself on being a value-led and purpose-driven organization, Amaldas contended, “We believe in investing in social causes as opposed to influencer marketing. We aim to create a positive influence in society, through initiatives like the book exchange event.”

GoScore intends to build a brand that is synonymous with high quality, affordable rates, and social responsibility.

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