Green lipstick isn’t exactly the easiest shade to wear on your lips — but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Here are some tips to wear it.

Pick the right shade of green: Green is very bold — so choose a shade that complements your skin tone best. Olive is good on golden and warmer skin tones, while emerald is stunning on paler or cooler complexions.  An army green shade would look amazing on warm skin, while a matte lipstick in a wasabi color would be a perfect match for cool skin.

Prep your pout first: Consider how you beautify your face: You have to do a little prep work before applying foundation; otherwise, you could end up with patchy coverage. Not ideal. The same holds true for your lips, especially if you’re wearing something as bold as green.  The best way to get lips ready is to use a scrub, remove unwanted flakes, apply a serum or a tiny bit of glycerin to the bare lips, let that sink in, and apply lip balm. Once you’ve applied lip balm, let it sit while you apply the rest of your makeup, then wipe off any excess.

Go slow:  Liquid lipstick is often tricky to work with, so apply your green shade in thin layers until you reach the intensity you want. For a tube of green lipstick, all you have to do is tap it on with your fingers, building up the color until you’re happy with it.

For a daytime look, apply a neutral lip gloss on top of your green lipstick to tone things down.

Keep the rest of your makeup low-key: Green lipstick is going to attract a whole lot of attention, so embrace minimalism on the rest of your face.  If one wants to wear green lipstick during the day, definitely make sure to keep everything else minimal and the lips the focal point. Overdoing the eyes and cheeks can really offset the balance and create a very intense look that won’t be flattering during the day. Your best bet is to pair with simple black winged eyeliner.



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