Goods shipments of commercial value destined for Kuwait suddenly change course to other markets, particularly the UAE. Reliable sources told a local Arabic daily that one of the shipments which was being monitored belonged to an agent in Kuwait who also is active in other commercial markets, including the Emirates, and explained with the increase in prices globally, and these prices being fixed locally, compounded with the strictness of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry officials, he was forced to change route to markets that are flexible in terms of prices, and deal according to global market trends, in order to avoid the burden of additional cost of the shipment in Kuwait.

The sources added, there was another food shipment that changed course and arrived at another unidentified port. On the role of the regulatory authorities in this regard, foremost of which is Ministry of Commerce, the sources confirmed that the ministry’s officials are concerned with the supervision of any goods inside Kuwait, and that the shipments that are outside the Kuwaiti territory, the ministry has no control over them.

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